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Birding in Bulgaria
Birdwatching  in Bulgaria

Bulgaria, Greece and Macedonia

April - May 2017

9 days  birding holiday for the highlights of  Bulgaria, Northern Greece and Macedonia

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Wildflowers of Bulgaria Tailor-made holidays in Bulgaria

Birdwatching, butterfly and wildlife holidays in Bulgaria

Welcome to our web site.  Explorer 2000 is one of the oldest birdwatching and wildlife tour companies in Bulgaria. With more than 25 years of experience we have been birding Bulgaria and the region with partners like RSPB (Royal Society for Protection of Birds, BSPB, (Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds), DOF (Danish Ornithological Society) and many more.  Here you will find information on our birdwatching, butterfly and general wildlife tours, species checklists, flora and fauna of Bulgaria and the Balkans, and details about  our wildlife guides.


Birdwtaching in Bulgaria

Birdwatching Tours

Butterflies of  Bulgaria

Butterfly Tours

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Tailor-made Tours

Bulgaria and Northern Greece

April - May 2017

15 or 10 days birding tour to Southern Bulgaria and Northern Greece

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Southern Bulgaria

April - May  2017.

9 days birding tour to Southern Bulgaria, focused on Balkan specialities

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Bulgaria in spring

April - May 2017

12 Days birdwatching tour, focused on Spring migration across the country and Black sea coast

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