Butterfly holidays in Bulgaria

Butterflies of Bulgaria

Why choose a butterfly holiday in Bulgaria? With extremely diverse habitat and unique geographic location Bulgaria is a paradise for butterflies. Located in the middle and the east of the Balkan peninsula on a relatively small land area - 111 000 square kilometers it is extremely varied in terrain. There are two distinct climate zones - Temperate-continental in the north and Sub-Mediterranean in the south. Such unique combination of habitats and climatic conditions is favorable for a wide range of butterfly species. A total of 214  butterflies has been officially recorded, which is nearly half of all the European species. Many of them many are rare Mediterranean or endemic to the Balkans or Bulgaria.

The butterfly season starts as early as May for some of the early species like Southern festoon, Grecian copper, Green-underside blue, Inky skipper, Grüner's Orange-tip, Eastern Greenish Black-tip, Little tiger blue, Iolas blue, Eastern dappled white and goes well into July-August for some of the mountainous species - Bosnian blue, False Eros Blue, Mountain Alcon Blue, Mountain argus, Shepherd's and Bulgarian fritilary, Cynthia's fritilary, Bulgarian ringlet, Nicholl's ringlet, Black ringlet, Dewy ringlet, Otoman brassy ringlet, Water ringlet, Balkan Clouded Yellow, Apolo.

Depending on the season we currently offer two butterfly holidays focusing on most interesting species that occur in Bulgaria.