Petar Yankov  

Petar is one of  the leading bird experts in Bulgaria. Having more than 30 years of experience with wildlife trips, he is also one of the founders and currently the Manager of the largest Bulgarian conservation organisation BSPB (Bulgarian Society for the protection of  birds). Petar is the author of numerous bird  books and articles and the chief editor of Atlas of breeding birds in Bulgaria.







Lubomir Profirov

Lubo is one of  our most charismatic guides. A founder member of  the Bulgarian society for protection of birds he has being involved in nature conservation since 1983  and has participated in major wetland  projects. Lubo has been leading birdwatching and nature history trips for more than 30 years.







Assen Ignatov .  

As well as being one of the top Bulgarian birders, Assen is a well known bird artist and wildlife photographer, having his works published in numerous magazines. He is also our main butterfly expert and general Natural history guide.







Tihomir Stefanov  

Tisho is an experienced tour leader and wildlife photographer. He currently works in the National Museum of Natural History as Head of Department of Recent and Fossil Fishes. His broad knowledge on birds, butterflies and dragonflies has made him popular with many of our groups and clients.







Boris Assyiov

Boris is an expert botanist with more than 10 years of  experience with specialised botanical trips. He is employed as a botanist and mycologist in the Bulgarian Institute of Botany at the Bulgarian Academy of science and Assistant Professor in the Biological Faculty  of the Sofia University.








Ina Kozhuharova

Ina has graduated from Sofia University, in 1989 she completed her PhD on reproductive biology of Gentiana species presented in the Bulgarian flora. She worked at the Botany Department of the Sofia University and at the Institute of Botany, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. She is currently Associate Professor and Reader in Pharmaceutical Botany at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Sofia. The research topics of Dr Ina Kozuharova are floral mechanisms and breeding systems, pollination ecology, pollen morphology, melissopalinology. She has been involved in a variety of international research projects and her hobbies include spelaeology and scientific water-colours of plants and animals. Dr Ina Kozuharova has led several botanical tours for Explorer 2000. Her knowledge and experience contribute for the smooth run of the tours.




Eleonora Ilieva

Ellie has led many of our birding tours and is with us since the beginning. Her interest in birds has led her from Antarctica to the Arctic, where she has spent several seasons on expedition ships.  She has lived in England for several years and her knowledge of the local history and culture in addition to her natural charm make her one of our most popular guides.







Dimitar Petrakiev  

Mitko is experienced birder who has a passion for the outdoors. His interests in nature and wildlife has taken him to Central Asia, Caucasus, The Middle East and North Africa.

He has led many walking and bird tours, and his knowledge of the geography, geology and natural history adds immensely to each holiday where he is the guide.