Macro photography in Bulgaria – June

Macro Photography holiday in Bulgaria - Early summer

8 day Macro photography holiday in Southeast Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a lot to offer in terms of Macro photography. The rich biodiversity and the various habitats throughout the country provide excellent grounds for both experienced and novice macro photographers. On this Macro photography tour we will have the chance to explore the beautiful South East of Bulgaria, where a range of relatively low mountains and wildlife rich valleys will give us plenty of opportunities to photograph various butterflies, dragonflies, moths, spiders, mantises and a plethora of other insects, amphibians, vertebrates and interesting plants.

Both areas are well known for its interesting and abundant birdlife, so during the tour we’ll come across quite a few of them: Golden eagle, Egyptian and Griffon vultures, Rock nuthatch, Roller, Bee-eaters, Black stork, Honey and Long-legged Buzzards, Olive-Tree warbler, Eastern Bonelli’s warbler, Masked Shrike, Black-headed Bunting and many more.

The tour is suitable for both people already familiar with macrophotography and those who want to try it for the first time. In addition to the daily outings we will discuss various techniques and talk about gear and lenses.

We will stay in two areas to maximize the potential for macrophotography at each of them – Eastern Rhodopi Mountains and Strandzha at the Black sea coast. There will be early morning and evening sessions to take advantage of the best light and the activity of the macro subjects.

We’d like to keep our itineraries as flexible as possible and will use every opportunity to explore different areas throughout the day.


Day 1 Arrival at Sofia and transfer to Arda river in Eatern Rhoropi mountains, where will be our first base. Depending on flight times we’’ll do few short photography stops on the way.

Day 2-4 We will have our morning sessions at different sites each morning. All of them will within walking distance or short drive from our hotel in order to get the most out of the morning light and the fact that the insects are less mobile before the sun rises high up in the sky. We will explore the various habitats of Arda river. This is extremely picturesque landscape with volcanic rock formations and ancient archeological sites literally at our door. There will be many butterflies and moths, and some of them provide really good opportunities for macrophotography: Eastern Festoon, Niobe and High Brown fritillary, Little Tiger Blue, Small Bath White, Kruper’s Small White, Berger’s Clouded Yellow, Southern White Admiral, Balkan Marbled White.

The area is good for several species of Jumping and Wasp spiders - Philaeus chrysops, Carrhotus xanthogramma, Synema globosum, Argiope bruennichi.

Two Mantices in the area are- Empusa fasciata and Mantis religiosa

Other interesting insect are: Bradyporus dasypus, Scolopendra cingulate, Lamia textor.

Reptiles and amphibians can be very good macro subject too: Yellow and Fire-bellied toads, Tree frog, Nose-horned viper, Glass worm, Blind snake, several species of Whip snakes, Herman and Spur-tithed tortoises.

This is also the best time to see some the most beautiful and rare orchids of Bulgaria.

Day 5-7 On day five we transfer to our second base in Strandzha mountain to the East. The magnificent forests of Strandzha, bordering with Bulgaria’s Black sea coast provide great deal of different habitats, thus proving to be one of the best choices for Macrophotography in Bulgaria. Again – we expect a lot of butterflies and moths through the day, some of the highlights for macro would be: Hummingbird Hawk Moth, Swallowtail and Scarce Swallowtail, Grecian Copper, Assmann’s Fritillary, Map butterfly, Freyer’s Purple emperor, Common and Hungarian Glider, Tufted Marbled skipper, Sandy-Grizzled Skipper.

Good range of snakes and lizzards, Podarcis tauricus, Cyrtopodion kotschyi, Lacerta trilineata, Hyla orientalis, abundance of long-horned beetles, and many more.

Day 8 Drive to Burgas airport and departure

Tour details

Best Period:       May - June

Group size:       2 - 6 people

Cost:                  1290 Euro